Dungeon Fantastic. Sometimes, however, the players wonder – does Ebony Jans have any such thing he/she/it requires done within the dungeon?

Old Class informed GURPS Dungeon Fantasy video gaming. Fundamentally killing owlbears and using their material, however with 3d6.


Sunday, August 28, 2016

DF Felltower: No Quests!

I have mentioned maintaining my Sunday beer-and-pretzels, hack-and-slash game exactly that – beer-and-pretzels, hack-and-slash.

I have discussed campaign creep, too, and exactly how We avoid that.

Element of this really is, no quests.

There is certainly a wizard within my campaign known as Black Jans. He/she/it has a mysterious nature, a tower that seems and vanishes from Stericksburg apparently arbitrarily (really arbitrarily – we roll dice for look), and strange servants.

Ebony Jans buys strange products, can enchant any such thing within one week for twice the fee (violating a number of guidelines about economics and just how enchantment works), and offers an excellent reason for the market of Stericksburg accepting cursed items and blacklisted books for money.

We also provide a big church that is capable of doing Resurrection and cast eliminate Curse, a bevy of nobles, cultists the players have actually clashed with (as well as, when, arranged a cope with), and guilds of each and every stripe necessary to justify in-town rolls. ادامه مطلب …