Investment Capital & Angel Investors. Investment Capital Glossary

Definition deal flow deal flow : Deal movement (dealflow) could be the price from which investment provides are presented to money institutions.

Definition debt financing financial obligation funding : Debt Financing means when a strong raises cash for working money or money expenses by attempting to sell bonds, bills, or records to specific and/or investors that are institutional. The individuals or institutions become creditors and receive a promise to repay principal and interest on the debt in return for lending the money.

meaning funding that is direct funding : Direct funding is just a funding minus the utilization of underwriting. Direct funding is usually carried out by investment bankers.

meaning drive-by deal drive-by deal : Drive-By contract is a slang frequently utilize when discussing a deal by which a venture capitalist invests in a startup using the aim of a fast exit strategy. The VC takes little to no part when you look at the administration and monitoring associated with the startup.

meaning research research : homework is the method of research and assessment, done by investors, in to the information on a possible investment, such as for example a study of operations and administration therefore the verification of product facts.

meaning equity funding equity funding : Equity funding is a phrase employed for organization’s issuance of stocks of typical or favored stock to raise cash. Equity financing is often done when its per share costs are high-the many money that may be raised when it comes to number that is smallest of stocks.

meaning equity offerings equity offerings : Equity Offerings is increasing funds by providing ownership in a company through the issuing of stocks of the company’s typical or favored stock.

Definition exit exit : Exit may be the purchase or change of a significant quantity of business ownership for money, financial obligation, or equity of some other business.

meaning exit route exit route : Exit Route could be the technique through which an investor would recognize a good investment.

Definition exit strategy exit strategy : Exit Strategy could be the real method by which an endeavor capitalist or business proprietor promises to used to get free from a good investment that he or she has made. Exit Strategy can also be called liquidity occasion.

Definition financier financier : Financier is someone or standard bank involved in the financing and handling of cash and makes an income participating in commercial funding tasks.

meaning funding that is first-round funding : First-round funding could be the very very very first investment in a business created by outside investors.

Definition very first stage money first phase money : First Stage Capital may be the cash provided to business owner who may have a successful product, to begin commercial manufacturing and advertising, maybe maybe maybe perhaps not addressing market expansion, de-risking, acquisition expenses.

Definition follow-on follow-on : Follow-On is just a subsequent investment created by an investor who’s produced past investment when you look at the business, generally speaking a later on stage investment when compared with the initial investment.

meaning complete ratchet complete ratchet : complete ratchet can be an investor protection supply which specifies that choices and convertible securities might be exercised in accordance with the cheapest cost at which securities had been given because the issuance of this choice or convertible protection. The complete ratchet guarantee stops dilution, considering that the proportionate ownership would remain exactly like as soon as the investment was made.

meaning fund of funds investment of funds : Fund of Funds is just a shared fund which invests various other shared funds. Investment of Funds is a good investment automobile built to spend money on a diversified number of investment funds.

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