Strawberry Picking at a Strawberry Farm in Dahu, Taiwan

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All across Taiwan, Dahu is practically synonymous with strawberries. Every December to April, plump, juicy, vivid red strawberries from Dahu township in Miaoli County make their appearance in g d fresh fruit markets across the nation, utilizing the best people fetching prices that are high.

However for the most effective Taiwanese strawberry experience, nothing beats going straight to the heartland of strawberry farming in Taiwan. On weekends in cold weather, droves of domestic tourists descend on Dahu’s many U-pick strawberry farms.

With no see is complete with no stop at the Dahu Wineland Resort, where you are able to taste all types of strawberry flavored Taiwanese meals and drinks, from wine and beer to n dles and also sausages.

I first visited Dahu on assignment for Travel in Taiwan magazine, and much more recently I went once again with my parents and my two children. Our kids really loved strawberries that are picking so if you’re traveling in Taiwan with young ones, positively start thinking about adding it to your travel itinerary. ادامه مطلب …